WKTV Digital Cinema Program

Digital Cinema Program

Welcome to the Wonderful World of WKTV. Now with Cinema Production Gear at your disposal. For film makers creating content with narrative film, documentarians and short film makers you've come to the right place! WKTV is a community media center with a commitment that community media also means narrative and documentary story telling. We back that commitment up by providing access to cinema pre-production, production and post production gear and services here in our facility.

In fact, we think you'll find that WKTV in Wyoming and Kentwood provides facilities and gear for film makers that you simply won't find anywhere else. We're proud of what we're able to offer.

Please read the following carefully. We're always happy to answer questions.


Digital Cinema Dolly


















Worrall Compilation






It all starts with the phone call or email. Call us at 616-261-5700 or email our cinema trainers and staff persons:
Booking Equipment Procedure
If you are serious about making your film or documentary, we are serious about making it happen, too.

Have this information ready:

  • - The exact dates for your shoot(s).
    - The date and time of your planned pick up. (Be accurate and on time)
    - The date and time of your planned return. (Be accurate and on time)
    - Exactly who will be operating the equipment, whether camera gear, grip gear and drivers (in the event of trailers).
    - A realistic end date for full completion and submission of your film or documentary.
Next, swing by the media facility (probably best to make an appointment) to meet with staff so we can discuss your specific needs.

In that production meeting:

We'll just need to know the skill level of the equipment operators. This info helps us determine the level of certification needed for the following gear:

  • - Black Magic URSA and MINI systems (see full listing)
    - Colortran Dolly and track (if applicable)
    - Grip equipment (see full listing)
    - Lighting (see full listing)


Please review equipment here on the website and let us know your basic plan of what you need. You can expand or subtract based on that meeting later, but we need you to be somewhat prepared.

Digital Cinema GuildIt's important that we have you down as certified to use WKTV production gear prior to checkout. We're really sorry, but we cannot do certifications on equipment the same day as checkout. Camera operators need to be certified on cameras and camera support, grip crews on grip and lighting, etc. You get the idea. Current skill level of these crew positions will determine how involved the certification needs to be. Trainers also evaluate your skill level based on any previous experience with you. A good experience with staff is invaluable. We enjoy training brand new crew people and we also understand that an experienced Director of Photography or Key Grip may only require an overview on the cameras/grip gear. However, because the word "experience" is subjective, we have to be able to make the final evaluation. This protects and maintains the gear for other users.

You will need to set up certification times for your crew members when you talk to a staff person..


Welcome! Your Certification Process is Complete. Now what?


Your reservation for cinema gear is now valid. You pick it up. You begin shooting your masterpiece and you're well on your way to making media!


Please Note: Large reservations of equipment with over 20 principle items can only be picked up or returned at the following times: Please plan your production schedule accordingly. Honor your scheduled time for pick up and return as we have planned staff time around it. If you're going to be late or early, you MUST call. This does not mean we can accommodate your last minute change, but we will certainly try.


Large Reservations (20 principle items or More) PICKUP/RETURNS

Monday: 2-6
Tuesday: 4-9
Wed: 4-9
Thursday: 4-9
Friday 4-9

A special arrangement is required for any change in time or for Saturdays.


Broadcast on WKTV


WKTV Edit Suite


Creating media to share with the general public is a great experience and WKTV offers a large audience for your work. WKTV exists to make voices in media heard and you have something important to say and we want to give you this opportunity. It's why we exist, so for this reason when WKTV production equipment or facilities are used, it needs to result in an air-able program for the WKTV platforms of television, web and social media. You still own the intellectual property and are solely responsible for the content you create, but WKTV needs to be able to broadcast the film or documentary in a timely manner from the start of production.

WKTV Equipment List

Don't be intimidated by the jargon.

The staff here at WKTV are here to help you every step of the way.

Mobile Equipment for TV
Create content at your own pace.

If you need a class or an orientation/refresher course on any of the gear here at WKTV, we're happy to help you!

Equipment Portal

Blackmagic URSAUnboxing

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

See some of its features, and hear a few corny jokes in the process.
learn more

Canon XF300 and XF305Technical Tips

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

Canon's new XF305 compact camcorder features a unibody design, incorporating an 18X zoom lens.
learn more

Cinevate Rigfor the XF300 & XF305

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

The offset kit centers the camera in front of you and the whole configuration allows you to adjust height for optimal camera positioning. learn more

Kino Flo 4 BankLighting Technical Support

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

Bill Holshevnikoff demostrates Kino Flo products from the Kino Flo showroom in Burbank, CA. learn more