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"My internship at WKTV was fantastic! I was able to get real hands on experience assistant producing for two large, complex television broadcasts. The skills I learned during my internship have helped and continue to help me in my field of producing. If you're serious about working in television production, WKTV is the place to be!"
-Tyler Wiewiora, GVSU


Reid Petro, TV Station Intern
The Experience Track Internship Program at WKTV
Okay, you're in a trade school or university.

Graduation is not far off. You've taken the classes and you have some stuff for your web site or YouTube channel to show potential employers, but your next stop is the real world! Clips from a fellow student's project on your reel just isn't going to make you stand out.




You're currently in a job or a career path that you feel is going nowhere. You've had this dream of working, actually working in television sports, or television news, or in documentary production. Whether you're a young student finishing college or a person in the middle of life and looking for a new start, WKTV's internship program can give you the leg up that could make all the difference in your career!

Doug on jibWith an internship at WKTV you can gain practical hands-on, intensive training in the creation of television programs from documentaries, to news packages to full one and even two hour sporting events. It's intense, sometimes crazy, driven and probably a little more than insane, but you've chosen to work in the fast paced world of "we-needed-it-yesterday-why-are-you-standing-there" television. Performing at the top of your game is key to success and for that you need hands on experience.

If your interest is in graphics, shooting, producing, writing, directing live television, studio lighting for television, digital cinema, or documentary production, you get a chance to do it here at WKTV. Other stations may occasionally allow you to do a few of these things, but at WKTV you'll be doing it all the time. Oh, and one other thing, if your work isn't up to standards, we reject it. Just like the real world you want to work in.

Dreamwheels Wyoming, MI
Experience Tracks that you can choose from:
Graphics Coordinator/Producer

Using the Ross Xpression system in our 35' mobile unit, your internship here will involve acting as Graphics Coordinator for on-air graphics for live and tape delay sporting events.

WKTV Mobile UnitCoordinating and occasionally designing all the graphics that carry information about everything from football players to race car drivers and the biographical and technical information that's included, you'll come away with experience in producing graphics for live television sporting events. To fulfill this Experience Track you will train with staff on smaller shoots and then must act as Graphics Coordinator on two large, live sporting events.

Producing and Directing Packages

It involves shooting and editing segments about a wide variety of issues; from local government to cooking entertainment to classic cars. It could be boring, it could be exciting, but you're challenge is to make it all professional and interesting. THAT'S what matters.

Every intern in this track will write, shoot, direct and edit. Experience Track is ongoing.


Associate Producing and Directing Event Coverage

WKTV coverages a variety of live events throughout the year. We're the trusted provider of national and local sporting event coverage and interns here will at first assist and then gradually assume associate responsibilities of making sure event coverage comes together. From transportation to graphics coordination to managing crew calls to live switching event coverage, over time you'll get experience doing every aspect of event coverage.

Edit Bay
Editing & Promotional Spots

Television has an insatiable appetite for programming and every single one involves an editor. The key to being successful is not only being creative, but being fast.

XPressionHow do you create the 15 second rock-your-socks-off promo about the Thunder Nationals, or Golden Gloves Boxing, or a cooking show, or a new documentary, or a feature piece on classic cars. Pick the right music, (from our huge library), collect the shots from the producer of the event and piece and assemble them in the edit suite into an amazing 15-30 seconds that will make people remember to tune in.
Experience Track is ongoing.


Additionally, all interns will learn professional techniques for operating cameras, editing techniques using non-linear software, lighting and audio mixing.

These are non-paid internships, but we do provide a stipend.

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