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Submission is via upload to WKTV's Dropbox only.
Select TRAFFIC folder in Dropbox account.

We also accept thumb drive drop offs or regular hard drive transfers at the TV station.

Click here for Dropbox link

After submitting your program please fill out the form below. Thank you.
File formats should be mpeg only with an aspect ratio of 16:9.

Note, we also accept older SD, 4:3 formatted programs, but they must be submitted as mpeg files. It's probably easiest to convert the file you created for your DVD to an acceptable format and upload it.

Please make sure your file name meets these requirements:

- No longer than 26 characters
- No spaces
- No symbols except for hyphen - or underscore_
- File must include the run time
- Example of an acceptable file name:
   Dayinthedirt21-prt1-29_17 (show name, episode number, run time)

Files size is up to 10G
Note that it will take considerable time to upload a file of this max size. The United States is still not a fully fiber nation.

You may want to submit a file of that size in person via thumb drive. By submitting online you are agreeing to WKTV's Programming Policies. For a detailed explanation of those policies, please see the AREEMENT section in the form below.


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WKTV Equipment List

Don't be intimidated by the jargon.

The staff here at WKTV are here to help you every step of the way.

Mobile Equipment for TV
Create content at your own pace.

If you need a class or an orientation/refresher course on any of the gear here at WKTV, we're happy to help you!

Equipment Portal

Blackmagic URSAUnboxing

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

See some of its features, and hear a few corny jokes in the process.
learn more

Canon XF300 and XF305Technical Tips

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

Canon's new XF305 compact camcorder features a unibody design, incorporating an 18X zoom lens.
learn more

Cinevate Rigfor the XF300 & XF305

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

The offset kit centers the camera in front of you and the whole configuration allows you to adjust height for optimal camera positioning. learn more

Kino Flo 4 BankLighting Technical Support

To reserve equipment, call us at (616) 261-5700.

Bill Holshevnikoff demostrates Kino Flo products from the Kino Flo showroom in Burbank, CA. learn more